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Adam Rosenkilde

Managing Director

Health Groups blog

On our blog you can read news, research and advice on health and work environment.

I have a BSc in Physiotherapy from Metropolitan University College. In 2023 I completed a Diploma in Leadership (DIL) from Copenhagen University College. Since 2013, I have worked in Health Group as project manager, department manager, health manager and CEO.

On a daily basis, I manage Health Group's financial goals and strategic direction. I thrive in my leadership role and love to see people and organizations develop in a positive direction. I do everything I can to contribute to this.

As a person, I am extroverted and energetic. I strive to complete tasks to the fullest, whether in my personal or professional life. Therefore, I have an ambitious approach to the role of CEO. An ambitious approach that requires foresight, strategic acumen and overview.

I am driven by human relationships regardless of the context. For me, human relations are the cornerstone for achieving positive results at a strategic level through good dialog and a good working environment. Health Group delivers healthcare with care, and this must be felt all the way to the health consultant, physiotherapist, masseur or occupational health consultant who helps our customers every day.

At Health Group, we have a flat hierarchical structure where the best idea and the best argument set the direction. Close communication is necessary, which is why daily sparring is a regular part of everyday life. If you have any questions regarding health strategy or collaboration, you can contact me directly on Health Group's main number +45 70 20 16 26 (press 3).

Health Groups blog

On our blog you can read news, research and advice on health and work environment.
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