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Exercise at work

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May 22, 2023
Reduce sickness absence with training during work hours

Read our 10 tips for the successful integration of fitness rooms in the workplace:

  1. A clear definition of the purpose and objectives of workplace gyms
  2. A clarification of the interest, needs and wishes of employees for exercise (needs analysis)
  3. Exercise should be an extension of existing health and safety efforts and be an integral part of the company's core values
  4. Management commitment and resources, financial, human and physical
  5. Effective marketing of actions before, during and after the implementation of the action, as well as a clear procedure for ongoing evaluation
  6. Visible participation and involvement of management and staff at all levels
  7. A wide range of exercise activities that are enjoyable and correspond to the wishes of employees
  8. Motivating and skilled instructors who adapt the training to the participants and motivate continued participation
  9. There should be a social incentive linked to the exercise activities, which can strengthen social relations between employees
  10. By taking these considerations into account, the work culture will eventually be adjusted to accommodate the exercise element, which is gradually becoming a natural part of many Danish workplaces