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Active workplace

At Health Group, we work hard to support companies in achieving a culture where taking small, active and mental breaks during the workday is natural and valued.

At Health Group, we recognize the importance of a healthy and dynamic work environment that promotes wellness, community and efficiency. We believe there are different ways to achieve an active workplace, and some of the most effective measures can be simple but powerful, such as introducing active breaks, with or without elastic, throughout the workday.

We are ready to help your company on the road to a healthier and more active workplace.

Community and flexibility

Do you want to increase the well-being of your employees? Health Group helps your workplace implement movement in daily life.

An active workplace is an attractive workplace

When employees participate in active breaks, they not only experience a physical benefit, but also a renewed mental clarity. These breaks allow them to step away from the workstation for a brief moment, helping to reduce stress levels and improve focus. An employee returning from a short walk or break workout often has a renewed energy and a positive attitude towards work.

An active workplace results in active employees. We consider active employees to be engaged and energetic employees who contribute to the collegial community in a workplace that is in motion. In this way, health-promoting initiatives can help create a more attractive workplace in terms of both retention and recruitment of talented employees.

Health Group can help create an active workplace

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    Ambassador training for interested employees
    We train employees who are motivated to be frontrunners in health-promoting initiatives. They become ambassadors for a healthy work environment with a focus on active breaks and well-being. We help you customize these initiatives for each department to best suit your needs.

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    Break workout program with elastic bands
    We offer a structured program with elastic band-based training exercises. These 10-15 minute workouts can be integrated into any department and will increase employees' physical activity during the workday.

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    Elastic training videos
    During the weeks when there are no training sessions, we give you access to short elastic training videos that only take 5 minutes. This ensures that the activity is maintained and becomes a natural part of the workday.

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    Corporate fitness
    We help you incorporate physical activity into your workday. This can include team training sessions and setting up a gym in the workplace.

Our ambition is not only to start health-promoting initiatives, but also to ensure that they continue after the program ends. We will work with you to create a culture where health and activity are a natural part of the workplace.

Active Workplace FAQ

Who can participate in active workplace initiatives?

All employees in the company can participate! Our goal is to create a culture where activity and well-being is accessible to everyone - regardless of age, physical fitness or work department. We encourage everyone to actively participate in our health-promoting initiatives.

How can I integrate active breaks into my busy workday?

Integrating active breaks into your workday is simpler than you might think. You can start with small changes like taking short walks, stretching regularly at your desk or participating in our break workout program. It's all about finding time in your workday to move, even in small steps, to improve your wellbeing and energy levels.

What are the benefits of the initiatives?

An active workplace is a more attractive workplace because it gives employees renewed energy and motivation on a daily basis, and small breaks from routine can lead to more efficiency at the other end.

Community and flexibility

Do you want to increase the well-being of your employees? Health Group helps your workplace implement movement in daily life.

Examples of active breaks

Training with and without elastic

Get your body moving after a long, sedentary day.

Walk'n Talk

Talk to your colleagues while you move.


Get some fresh air and time to think - it will re-energize you for the rest of the workday.

A selection of our active workplace customers

We have many years of experience helping companies create active workplaces. Here you can meet some of our happy customers.

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    ComputerSalg customer reference

    Health Group helped a Danish billion-dollar company improve employee well-being, improve teamwork and reduce sick leave.

  • Testimonial from Dansk Tavle Teknik

    Godhavn customer reference

    Health Group helped Dansk Tavle Teknik perform ergonomic reviews of all employee workstations.