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Create a community in the workplace with Company Fitness

With a gym, team training and active breaks, you can have a workplace where there is ample opportunity to improve the sense of unity and community among employees. Our qualified instructors and trainers are responsible for planning the diet and exercise program.

Company Fitness

Our APV covers all sectors and job functions.

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Your needs are our focus - we are therefore committed to creating the right solution with Firma Fitness for you. We create an active and healthy working environment, where we meet the needs and wishes of the employees with a minimum of administration.

What you get with Company Fitness

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    Creation and operation of new or existing gyms. We take care of administration and service and create the basis for a successful solution.
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    Team training and instruction
    Build community in the workplace and bring exercise to your employees with yoga, functional training or indoor cycling, for example.

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    Active breaks
    Break training is a relatively small training effort, but can bring significant improvements in everyday life. Does not require equipment and takes place in work clothes - anyone can participate.

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    Personal training
    Get a tailor-made diet and exercise program and be guided to your goals by a professional personal trainer

Company Fitness - solutions according to your needs

The daily lives of Danes are largely characterized by sedentary activities. Especially at work, this means that employees sit still for long periods of time - this type of work is the second most stressful job. Fortunately, more and more companies are making use of Company Fitness solutions as a result of a more sedentary working environment.

The long hours spent in front of a computer screen mean that employees' working postures are not very varied. Many experience neck and back tension because they have spent many hours in front of a computer screen during the week. Others suffer from arm pain due to mouse arm.

Therefore, it is a good idea to introduce physical activity in the (home) workplace.

Movement is an essential factor in everyday life and has a major impact on our health and well-being - also in the workplace, where we spend most of our waking hours.
At Health Group, we want to focus even more on this. We will help you promote health in your workplace - through movement and solutions tailored to your needs.

Read about exercises for the office here.

Get a professional gym for only DKK 79 per employee per month

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Why is movement in the workplace so important?

The Danish Health Authority recommends at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity.
However, it can be extremely difficult to fit this into a busy working day. Many people don't have the energy to get out for a workout or a run when they get home from work.

That's why it's important for workplaces to take the lead and help their employees to get
movement into their working day. Let the exercise come to the employees - physically or online.

Your benefits of Company Fitness:
✓ Better employee well-being
✓ Fewer sick days
✓ Exercise gives more energy in everyday life and prevents complications
✓ Exercise is a good break
✓ Physical activity can build relationships

Get answers to your questions about Company Fitness

What is Corporate Fitness?

Company Fitness is all forms of physical activity that can take place in a workplace, i.e. everything from the creation and operation of new or existing gyms in Danish companies to active breaks, group classes, etc.

Where does Company Fitness take place?

Training can take place wherever it suits you; outside, in a meeting room, hallway or classroom.

How does Company Fitness work?

Health Group is responsible for the planning and operation of Company Fitness solutions, giving you a minimum of administration. Book activities easily and simply in our online booking system or app solution.

Who is our instructor?

The Health Group has more than 200 qualified instructors and trainers on staff who can deliver all types of exercise and movement across the country. They guide, motivate and scale exercises so that everyone can participate.

Company Fitness

Get a professional gym for only DKK 79 per employee per month