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Workplace attrition - it can be prevented

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September 24, 2019

Changing health challenges in the work environment

The nature of health challenges in the workplace has changed. In the past, noise, accidents at work and toxic substances were the cause of occupational health and safety problems. These have been drastically reduced following the introduction of stricter legislation in this area. Now it is health in the workplace that is a major challenge. An inappropriate lifestyle during and outside working hours contributes to accelerated wear and tear, which is detrimental to work.

Workplace health initiatives

The increased focus on health in the workplace is a very positive development. More and more companies are offering health initiatives that include health checks, healthy canteen food, fitness rooms, company sports and shower facilities that make it more attractive to run or cycle to work. There are a number of benefits to bringing health into the workplace.

Ethical considerations in health promotion initiatives

However, workplace health is also an ethical challenge as it can, for example, put undue pressure on inactive or overweight employees who are not interested in the workplace interfering with their lifestyle. We don't have a perfect solution to this ethical dilemma, but it is something that needs to be taken into consideration when implementing more health in the workplace.

Different work environments and risk of attrition

Both physically demanding work and sedentary work, sitting in front of a computer all day, can lead to physical fatigue. Those in physically demanding jobs often have very repetitive movements that can lead to physical wear and tear. In physically inactive work, the lack of movement can lead to pain, discomfort, obesity and lifestyle diseases if leisure time is not spent living a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Recommendations for preventing attrition

So, whether you are in a physically demanding or inactive job, you need to find a balance where you can move and strengthen your body in a way that compensates as far as possible for the strain on your body during working hours. We can therefore recommend that you take advantage of the health initiatives at your workplace, no matter how physically demanding or non-demanding your job is. This can prevent wear and tear and give you a better work-life balance.

By Josefine Huusom