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Summer break or summer training at work?

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June 27, 2024

As the holiday spirit spreads, it can be tempting to let the physical activities go on vacation too. But there's good reason to keep up the good habits.

Active workplace - also in summer

An active workplace is all about integrating physical activity into the workday - from walk and talks to team training and other fitness activities during the workday.

Summer is a great time to integrate both light and heavy physical activities into the working day. Firstly, because summer vacation often means fewer emails in the inbox and less red-hot phones - and thus more time to stay active.

And then, of course, there's the weather and the light. The higher temperatures and longer days offer more activities than the cold and dark winter days. For example, you can use

Outdoor training sessions: Use the good weather to hold training sessions outside. This can include everything from circuit training to ball games and group runs.

Walk-and-talk meetings: Combine meetings with walks for fresh air and movement. This not only promotes physical activity, but can also improve creativity and communication.

Longer days: Summer's bright mornings and long evenings provide more time to exercise outdoors. Consider starting the day with a short training session or working out in the evening when the day's chores are done.

Easy to get going: Summer training requires minimal preparation. The weather is generally good and you don't need layers and layers of clothes. This makes it easier to be spontaneous and train when it fits into your workday.

Training in the rain: Summer rain on a heated body can actually be refreshing and add a fun twist to your workout. Don't let the weather affect your training plan.

If you want more inspiration for an active workplace, we have some concrete steps in this blog post.

Make the summer active

In other words: While summer may tempt you with lazy days and relaxation, it's not only important - but also motivating - to stick to good habits and continue with physical activity. It benefits both employee health and company productivity.

Health Group is ready to help your business stay active all summer long. Contact us to learn more about our programs and how we can tailor solutions to fit your needs.

Among other things, we have helped Computersalg to become a more active workplace - also in the summer!