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How to overcome lower back and neck pain

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June 15, 2022
health group employee

To overcome your pain, you will need to consider how the pain started. Did it come on suddenly after an injury or has it been increasing over a long period of time? Does the pain radiate to your legs or arms?

Low back and neck pain is something that all people will experience during their lives. It is therefore a normal part of life. The good thing about lower back and neck pain is that they are rarely serious and that you would therefore be able to overcome the pain yourself.

Lower back and neck pain can be a really unpleasant experience

Pain can be very limiting in your daily life. Depending on how the pain started, you need to act differently. When the pain in the lower back and neck occurs suddenly and is not due to a serious injury, the best thing you can do is to gradually start using your body again. In other words, you should slowly return to the activities you did before the pain set in. It may therefore be a good idea to temporarily reduce everyday activities, but not to stop them completely. You may be able to take mild painkillers in the beginning, but painkillers have a limited effect over a longer period of time and therefore it is the gradual activity that is most important.

Low back and neck pain: many factors at play

Lower back and neck pain that has been increasing over a long period of time is a different situation. Here, the lower back and neck pain has less to do with an actual injury and more to do with the body as a whole. Pain is generally a complex situation where many different factors can play a role in the experience of pain. The most common factors that affect our experience of pain are stress, sleep or inactivity. It is therefore always a good idea to consider whether there are more stressful elements in your everyday life than usual. The same applies to sleep, where you can consider whether your circadian rhythm and overall sleep quality are affected. It may also be that the pain in the lower back and neck is caused by poor ergonomics, and therefore it would be a good idea to review, for example, your workstation so that it appears ergonomically correct .

Stress and sleep can be hard to change, but with regular activity, both at work and at play, the body can handle more before the pain sets in. When lower back and neck pain is increasing, a few specific exercises can also make a big difference by providing the regular activity our bodies need. But by far the most important thing is that the activities you spend your time on are meaningful to you. The intensity of the activities doesn't matter much when it comes to overcoming lower back and neck pain.