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Cake and snacks at work - small changes, big effects

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d. January 5, 2024
Snacks at work can be replaced with healthier alternatives

In many workplaces, snacks and cakes are a welcome break from the workday. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a treat with colleagues, but try to choose healthier alternatives that still feel good and follow one of the 7 official dietary guidelines "Eat less sweet, salty and fattyfoods". Let's explore how you can enjoy these treats without compromising on health.

Alternatives to traditional snacks

Traditional snacks and cakes can often be calorie-heavy and full of sweet, salty and fatty substances. However, there are alternatives you can choose to reduce their intake in the workplace. Fruits and vegetables are an obvious alternative, and a crispy fruit platter can be a great way to get some of your daily intake, while also being a delicious snack in the office.

Just as accessibility plays a role in the consumption of cake and sweets, so too does it play a role in the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Although it may be met with resistance, swapping cake for healthier alternatives can help increase the intake of important foods.

Why is it important?

A high intake of sweet, salty and fatty foods, such as cake, can increase the risk of a wide range of health challenges. For example, a high intake of saturated fat can increase the risk of high cholesterol. In addition, the increased intake of calories can contribute to weight gain.

Measurement and motivation

It can be hard to know why these things need to be replaced. But one way to make the effects clear to employees is to offer regular health checks that actively measure risk factors.

If this is offered again after a period of targeted effort, you can track the effects of less sweet, salty and fatty foods and snacks in the workplace. This way, you can motivate your employees to choose healthier alternatives when the health effects become clear.

At Health Group, we have many years of experience with workplace initiatives that raise awareness and create motivation for lasting change. Interested in working with health in your workplace? Then don't hesitate to contact us today.

Creating a healthier culture in the workplace isn't about opting out of delicious treats, but rather finding a balance. By introducing healthy alternatives and evaluating your efforts on an ongoing basis, you can create good initiatives that promote healthier choices in a busy workplace.