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Every movement counts

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August 26, 2019

It's not just an hour at the gym, a long run or soccer practice that adds points to your fitness account. It's also all the little movements we make in everyday life. You also get moving and maybe even sweat when you take the stairs instead of the elevator, when you clean your home or when you go for a brisk walk after work. A little goes a long way and a little suddenly becomes a lot. That's why it's important to be aware of when we actually get moving in our everyday lives. If we are aware of it, we can sneak in a little more movement during the day without it necessarily being time-consuming. Take the bike to the supermarket instead of the car, always take the stairs, walk a little faster when walking the dog and play with the kids in the garden.

How can you incorporate more movement into your everyday life?

There are lots of things we do in our daily lives where we move without thinking about it. And every movement we make is better than lying on the couch. You can easily get even more movement into your day without having to set aside two hours to go to the gym. While you're gardening, you can do another half hour of work or finish the job by lying on a plank and doing some squats. The same goes for all other chores. Instead of watching your kids play, join in some games of tag. Your kids will surely appreciate it.

There's exercise in most chores

You probably also have a long to-do list that you never really do anything about. Take an hour or two to do something about it. The basement probably needs to be cleaned out, the wardrobe to be tidied up and the apartment to be given a thorough cleaning. Everything is in motion, so it's just a matter of getting started. Many birds with one stone - more movement in everyday life, peace of mind when you tick off your to-do list, a clear conscience when you take the bike instead of the car, more laughs with the kids, more energy, fewer boring hours on the couch.

By Josefine Huusom