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Why is an APV important?

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December 2, 2022

The law states that all companies with employees must carry out a workplace assessment (APV) at least every 3 years, and whenever there are significant changes in the work or how the work is to be carried out. A good APV maps the working environment and highlights where the workplace is performing well and points out any areas for action.

An APV can ensure a healthy working environment

The purpose of the WPA is to identify the areas in your working environment that require action. Many companies achieve both a better working environment and increased well-being when the APV process is completed. Well-being in the workplace is important to create the best conditions for your employees.

If there are health and safety problems that pose a serious risk to the health or safety of workers, the company must act on the problem immediately. The action plan must include a prioritization of the problems identified, the order in which they should be resolved, when they should be resolved and who is responsible for ensuring that they are resolved.

How is an APV carried out?

The WPA must be prepared in writing and can be kept in both paper and electronic format. It should simply be available to all employees and management, so that everyone can see whether the focus areas that have been mapped in the APVare being followed up.

The health and safety organization must be involved throughout the process, and the APVmust therefore be signed by the health and safety representative, the supervisor and the health and safety committee. In addition, all employees or individual departments/employee groups may benefit from being involved in actions that affect them.

When the Danish Working Environment Authority visits, they may ask to see the WPA to check that it meets the requirements. If there are no problems at all, this should be evident from the APV .

Get help for your APV by Health Group

A workplace assessment from Health Group maps your work environment so you can immediately start optimizing it. With an APV in hand, you will have in-depth knowledge of your health and safety work, so you can prevent injuries and ensure the well-being of your employees.

At Health Group, we will always agree on a questionnaire in consultation with you, so that we can map the working environment in the best possible way. This is an important process. We never provide package solutions, but instead adapt to your needs, which is our core task at Health Group. Wellbeing and productivity go hand in hand, which is why it is crucial to keep APV in mind in any business.

Get a no-obligation quote from Health Group today. It's the first step towards better health at work.