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Reduce sick days among your employees with a PSP

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October 12, 2022

It is important to focus on the health of employees in a company, as employees can often find themselves living a life with health limitations. In the long term, these can lead to illness and thus greater sickness absence. For this reason, health initiatives in companies have received greater attention in recent years. 

At Health Group, we work with health and well-being in the workplace by, among other things, offering health initiatives in the form of health checks or health profiles for individual employees. The aim is to give them useful knowledge about their own health and prevent illnesses. Health Group offers a health profile at the workplace, which aims to strengthen the individual's motivation and desire to improve their own health. This option can therefore be important not only for the employee, but also for the company, as it can promote well-being and reduce sickness in the workplace. 

Employee health profile

A health profile or a health check is prepared by a health consultant, with full focus on the individual employee's health and state of health. The health profile or health check is tailored to the individual's needs with a focus on diet, exercise or sleep. The employee fills in a questionnaire about their own perception of their health and well-being. The health consultant then goes through a series of physiological measurements with the employee, which is followed up with a motivational interview and counseling and coaching based on based on the results and personal goals. A personal goal is important as it creates motivation. As it is not always easy to make lifestyle changes, which can be the result of a health profile, a goal or sub-goal can help. These can be identified in interaction with the health professional. Based on the physiological measurements and conversation, the employee gains knowledge about their own state of health, including cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure values. In addition, the employee has the opportunity to get tools that can improve lifestyle, not only in the short term, but also in the long term.

At the end, the company receives an anonymized report on the overall health at the workplace, where they can make suggestions for improvement to increase health any suggestions for improvement from employees that can improve health, create greater well-being and reduce sickness absence. It is therefore relevant that the company gives their employees the opportunity to have a health profile drawn up during the working day, as it can provide a sense of security for the individual and make them feel valued. This creates greater job satisfaction in the company and thus increases productivity.

The company therefore has a significant influence on the health of its employees, where health profiles can identify what problems may exist and how health and well-being can be improved.