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Computer sales

Health Group helped a Danish billion-dollar company improve employee well-being, improve teamwork and reduce sick leave.


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    Briefly about the case

    Ergonomic morning workouts ensure healthy employees

    Steen Gaarde and the team behind Computersalg chose to contact Health Group as they were experiencing a lot of sick leave at work due to back, neck and shoulder pain, among other things.

    At Health Group, we now provide a health service in the form of ergonomic training 2-3 times a week. The training takes place in the warehouse at Computersalg and has become such a success that not only the warehouse employees, but all employees in the company are welcome to join the training at 8 in the morning.

    The exercises are performed using elastic bands and exercise mats that strengthen the back, neck and shoulders. This helps to ensure healthy and fit employees.

    "I highly recommend all companies to do this on a daily basis. It helps both the well-being of the employees and the efficiency of the company. All in all, it has been a huge success"

    - Steen Gaarde, Warehouse Manager at Computersalg.

      The yield

      Happier and healthier employees

      And the benefits for Computersalg? Since the ergonomic morning workout has been introduced as a permanent part of the corporate culture at Computersalg, team spirit has improved, employee satisfaction has increased and sick leave has decreased. Employees who used to suffer from back and neck problems can now perform their work without pain. This contributes to the wellbeing of employees and increases the efficiency of the company.

      Steen Gaarde describes the collaboration as a huge success and highly recommends Health Group as a partner.