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Christmas calendar 2023

It's Christmas again! For Health Group's 2023 Training Christmas Calendar is now available for pre-order.

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    The Christmas calendar contains

    24 episodes & 4 bonus episodes with a duration of approx. 5 minutes

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    A fun, active and enjoyable activity that can strengthen community in the workplace

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    Everyone can join in

    You will be guided through all the exercises by our skilled instructors, so everyone can participate.

    Christmas calendar 2023

    24 episodes plus 4 bonus episodes

    Health Group's Christmas calendar consists of 24 episodes and 4 bonus episodes. Every day in December until Christmas Eve, a new video door will open, in which our skilled instructors will guide your employees through a series of fun and challenging exercises that can be performed either at the office or at home.

    Plus, every Sunday in Advent you'll get an extra bonus section with varied exercises.

    This year we offer two different Christmas calendars: one with a focus on yoga and meditation, and another with a focus on heart rate and cardio. Both calendars are sold individually.

    What we can offer you

    This year we offer two different Christmas calendars

    The Christmas calendar is available in both Danish and English.

    Yoga & meditation

    • 24 sections of relaxing, challenging and restful yoga exercises that can be done in the office.
    • 4 Advent sections, each containing a meditative session

    Heart rate & cardio

    •  24 sections, each containing 3 exercises to get your heart rate up.
    • 4 advent sections, each containing active exercises to be done in

    Customer testimonial

    "I have used the Health Group's exercise Christmas calendar in the companies where I have been responsible for the "health program". It has created both joy and motivation for exercise during a busy Christmas month. I highly recommend other companies to try it, especially this year, where their new Christmas calendar has yoga and mindfulness as focus areas"

    Anne Marie Ravn, HR Manager

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