AAU CPH Fitness terms

You must be a student, employee or otherwise affiliated with AAU CPH to purchase membership for AAU CPH Fitness. The price is 79 kr per month and includes Fitness and group classes. Binding period and termination is three months. Your first payment is current month + next month and additional compulsary Nets fee of 4,25 kr. each month.

§1 Membership
A membership is personal and may not be used by others. Are you present at AAU CPH Fitness, Health Group or other campus staff may require credentials to check the payment of membership. Changes in personal data such as Name, address, e-mail, telephone number, bank account must be communicated to the Health Group.
Payment is made via the web and requires PBS enrollment. Abuse may lead to expulsion.

§2 Membership Terms
Health Group can change membership terms with a 30-day notice. In case of change, these will be posted in the center, or sent to your email address.

§3 Duration / Membership
By PBS agreement, the membership continues until terminated by one of the parties pursuant to §4. PBS membership is linked to your account information. These are encrypted after entering. The PBS membership will be charged on 1st of each month. The PBS membership will be charged with a fee of $ 4.75. If you do not sign up for PBS or for any reason can not be deducted from your account, you will be charged a giro card fee of 49 kr. Regardless of the reason, there is no refund or full refund of prepaid memberships.

§4 Termination
The notice period for PBS membership is current month + 90 days.

§5 Price changes
Health Group reserves the right to make price changes. Such will be notified by posting in the center and by email within 45 days before the price changes enter into force.

§6 Attendance and registration
Attendance and registration to teams can take place all the way through the online booking system. Unsubscribe can only take place no later than 1 hour before start-up via the internet. Attendance / unsubscribe to a registered team costs $ 50 per. time that is charged automatically.

§7 Available seats
Health Group can not guarantee available seats on Group Classes as the teams will be filled up after the “first come first served” principle.

§8 Valuables
Valuables must be brought to the actual classroom, as the Health Group does not guarantee loss due to theft or property damage.

§9 Responsibility
All training is done at your own risk. As a member of AAU CPH Fitness, you are responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation. Health Group is not responsible for personal injury due to accident at the center. Moreover, Danish law on compensation is followed in this area.

§10 Hold your tender
Health Group has the right to continuously change the supply of number of teams. The number of teams depends on the number of members.

§11 Right of withdrawal
When buying over the Internet, you have a 14 day right of withdrawal. However, if you choose a start date that is within 14 days, the cancellation right will expire at the start date.

§12 Receipt
The receipt for the purchase will be sent to the e-mail address entered. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered.

§13 Criteria for subscription features
Before a move through your account can occur, account information must match the PBS database. The account must be active and it must be possible to complete a transaction on the subscription amount. The account used for subscription features must be able to make transactions via the Internet.

§14 Updating Account Data
When contacting the Health Group, account information can be renewed or deleted. The customer is at all times responsible for the accuracy of the account data. Complied with this, the Health Group can not disable / terminate the membership without notice.