The objective of a Health Check – with individual focus, is to inspire and motivate you to live a healthy life and reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


  1. Diet Profile – A general health profile that focuses on diet and weight loss. General diet plans are provided and measurement of hemoglobin is offered.
  2. Exercise Profile – A general health profile at which the focus point is exercise. You are offered a maximum fitness test and you will receive general exercise programs.
  3. Night sleep profile – A general health profile for advice on good sleep habits.
  4. Health profile – A general health profile focusing on screening and motivational interviewing.
  5. Extended Health Check for night workers –  An extended health check is for those who work night shifts. The purpose is to give you insight into your own health and motivate you to live healthy. You will be given advice on good sleeping habits and suggestions to prevent work-related injuries

All health profiles contain:

1. A questionnaire fitted to the profile
2. A variety of physical measurements.
3. An individual motivational interview.

Ad. 1 Questionnaire

You complete a questionnaire about lifestyle and health when you book a Health Check.

Ad. 2. Physical tests

• Basic Measurements: Height, gender, weight, BMI, Fat Percentage, Waste line, Fitness level, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol (LDL, HDL, Total), Triglyceride, HbA1c
• Possible extras: Hemoglobin, lung function test, strength measurement and maximum fitness test

Ad. 3. Individual conversation, health score, bodyage and health folder

Immediately after the measurements, there is an motivational interview where you, together with the consultant, have the opportunity to develop a personal goal based on your wishes and needs. The results are noted in a health folder containing information of the measurements, exercise, diet, stress and motivation. You will have a health score and Bodyage calculated.

The blood sample

For the measurement of blood parameters, only a so-called capillary test is taken from a tiny prick in the finger and the results are obtained immediately.


Health profiles typically take 45 minutes, but can also last 30 and even 60 minutes..

Checking with your own doctor

If your values are measured to high or low in relation to official guidelines, you will be referred to your own GP. Your own doctor will then perform additional tests and treatment if needed. Some employees will find that the GP`s test result will vary from those that have been tested during the health profile. This can be caused due to different circumstances in the health test itself as well as differences in equipment.


Measuring equipment for all tests are clinically approved medical test equipment, and the most accurate on the market.

Privacy Policy

Health Group complies with the highest standards of data security. Click the logo below to read more about our security standards. Pay special attention to the disclaimer on the Health portal.


• You should not be more physically active than usual, the day before your health profile
• Avoid drinking alcohol the day before your health profile
• Remember to drink minimum ½ – 1 liter. water throughout the day.
• You should not smoke before the health profile
• Bring a t-shirt for the fitness test. Bring training clothes if you want to do the maximum fitness test
• No fasting necessary


1. You should arrive 5 minutes before your health profile. Sit on the designated chair until you are called on by the consultant.
2. Short intro to the health profile. Then a small prick in the finger, taking approx. four drops of blood (35 μl) for the determination of blood values.
3. Then, blood pressure is measured.
4. Then you will be weighted, measured and your fat percentage will be measured. The fat percentage is measured by sending a weak current through your body (it cannot be felt).
5. Then your fitness level is measured using a light strenuous cycling test (duration 8 min.). (Optional maximum fitness test for exercise profile)
6. The results are noted in your health folder and they are then reviewed..

NB. It is voluntary to participate, your registrations are not handed over to third parties and all information from the health profile is treated confidentially.