Delivery History 2005-2015

From 2005-2015 we have been the major supplier of Health Services for Novo Nordisk and before that, supplying departments in Novo Nordisk with Health Services on and off for more than four years. 10 years of collaboration developed into more of a partnership and together with Novo Nordisk we developed new solutions and innovative products which was set as standard for the NovoHealth programme. During that period the total delivery included:

• Events incl. World Diabetes Day for five years
• Health Camps
• Speeches
• Health Care Courses
• Health Checks
• Targeted Health Checks
• Extended Health Check for Night Workers
• Hearing examinations
• Exercise At Work
• Exercise for Employees with Pain
• Different Surveys (stress, allergy, Work Place Assessments and job satisfaction)
• Health Facility Management
• Instruction, Group Classes and Exercise classes
• Combination Treatment
• Ergonomic guidance and counselling

Today we still deliver Health Services to Novo Group Companies:

1. Novo Fonden
2. Novo A/S
4. Xellia Pharmaceuticals
5. Symphogen
6. Veloxis Pharmaceuticals


During 2005-2015 we have systematically send out satisfaction surveys to our contact person related to each delivery. We used (and still use) the internationally recognized Net promotor Score (NPS) to evaluate our customer satisfaction. We asked the question: “How likely is it that you’ll recommend this product to a friend or colleague?” We have received 18 answers from NN contact persons and the NPS was 89. (Above 50 is regarded excellent.)

During that period we have performed 31.052 Health Checks which equals 23.287 hours of Health Checks which again correspond to a full-time equivalent of 14,1 years.

Since we started with the extended health checks for night workers 1362 employees have participated with 664 participants in 2015 alone!

1502 employees have been referred to their own physician for diagnosing. 832 with high blood pressure, 521 with increased fasting glucose, 116 with high cholesterol and 33 for other reasons.

We have had 33 complaints (just or unjust). This equals 0,001 % of all employees who have received a Health Check from Health Group have complained. 99,999 % of Health Checks didn´t results in a complaint.

We have had 99,99 % uptime of the Health Portal. 99,8 % of all planned Health Checks have been carried out. The average waiting time for the hotline has been 5 s. 22 min. was the average waiting time for a written contact to be answered.

During the delivery period the results from the evaluation questionnaire have had the same outcome. A very high level of contentment with our services from employees attending the health checks. Internal satisfaction surveys made by Novo Nordisk or evaluation questionnaire send by Health Group have revealed the same results. 98 % of all employees were satisfied or very satisfied (80 %) with the Health Check. 98 % of all employees were satisfied or very satisfied with the consultant.

Internal evalution report available here: Evaluering 2014

For further Delivery History we will gladly accommodate any request.

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